Saturday, Jan 20, 2018

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I added a new layout for the site.  Looking at some Gallery2 themes or plug-ins to use light box instead of the, now, clucking interface that it uses.  It was a perfect thing for a long time but so much has come since I started using it, I just don’t want to convert things, so if I can figure out a nice clean easy way to do it, I’ll stick with G2 otherwise I guess I’ll look at a gallery conversion at the end of the year.

Beyond that… nothin’ new other than Call of Duty: Black Ops and all the lost hours I have in it the past few weeks! 😀

Site Updates

I’ve updated WordPress and Gallery2 to the latest versions. Right now I’m not so sure I’m happy with the WordPress update but it’s in and it’s set so no going back. I also changed the themes for both and did quite a bit of updating to them to try to integrate the site better. I also went with some color in this version of BREWTALITY. 😉


BREWTALITY 8.0 Coming Soon…

I’ve been working with some new themes to replace the current on here. I’m trying to move to a Widget friendly theme and completely revamp the site. I’m doing testing with the Widgets on my personal site right now and trying to get the Christmas site up and running (probably replacing Joomla with WordPress since I really have no need for Joomla but wanted it up and running). Just need to find some contact/request features.

I’ve also not decided yet to break out the gaming piece of BREWTALITY to myGamerZone since it’s sitting idle right now…trying to come up with something for that site…maybe blog hosting for gamers. Not sure yet. :) I also want to get UT3online going but need someone to manage that one for me, good name but need someone with the time for that one as well. If you want to admin that site, let me know.

3 Columns/XHTML Compliant (Again!!)

Did some work on the site tonight and figured out how to get the 3rd column working. Really liking WordPress, easy to set up, configure, add plugins and most of all post quickly. I looked at Joomla at first for this site and glad I didn’t go with it. I think I’d rather be running WordPress for the front end of my Radio Vietnam too so that I could just post info quickly and in order and have post info on the front page from Simple Machines Forum like threads/polls (not sure if there’s a bridge for WP & SMF) because Joomla isn’t that hard but every time I want to change something I jump through hoops, I also hate the frontpage manager, it doesn’t matter how many times I specify something to stay put, it always gets pushed down from the top spot on the front page. I know that it’s probably me but I’ve figured out how most of the items work and the general configuration but posting quick messages are another story, maybe I’ll look for a componant to help with it. The rest of Joomla isn’t hard and work well but for posting general information/news I really dislike it.

I also got my Flash code and Yahoo code cleaned up and back to XHTML compliant. whooohooo! :)

Gallery Finally Back Up

Been working on re-adding the gallery and it’s done. I added some Battlefield 2142 screenies from the beta test. Still have some clean up to do on the Gallery side, a bit ugly right now with the embedding… Hope to have that worked out this weekend.

Battlefield 2142


Radio Vietnam

Winamp Playlist