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Something relevant on an entire site that’s now irrelevant! lol  I’m enjoying Titanfall but the PC support sucks.  I picked it up on an Amazon special for $36 and it was well worth the cost.  I really have grown to hate Call of Duty and what it stands for in terms of a FPS.  It’s such an arcade game without much else for a modern warfare game.  I enjoy the single player modes but the multiplayer is another story and I stick with the Battlefield franchise.

While I digress on Call of Duty, I will say that the implementation of Titanfall on that same type of platform is a lot of fun.  It reminds me a lot of games of old like UnrealTournament mixed with MechWarrior.  I still find myself trying to “spot” the enemy like Battlefield 4 but just jumping around and having fun is great.  I will say that after purchasing the season pass that it’s a joke on the PC.  You find no one in the expansion and it’s just sitting and waiting forever.  Luckily I’ve found that I can do a lot of other things while that’s occurring now that I know how badly it’s represented with player numbers.

So if you’re going to pick up Titanfall, pick up the normal pack and don’t waste your time on the expansion/season pass, it’s a waste of money on the PC.

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Pick it up on Amazon…


Viruses, Worms and Trojans

This week I found out that running Virus protection on everything Microsoft seems to be essential.  My main system was rebuilt a few months ago and I decided that I’d not install AV right away or any kind of protection.  I found out this past week that it’s not a wise move.  While I wasn’t infected with a virus or worm (typically choosing to open a document from an unknown source) I did find I had a trojan that was wreaking havoc on gaming.  I typically have issues with Unreal Tournament 3 and crashes since they can’t seem to fix the OpenAL issue that plagues the game on SoundBlaster X-Fi cards or it bounces back and forth between them and Creative.  Regardless I started having frequent crashes in Call of Duty 4 which has never happened.  I did some reading and found that people were reporting issues and the answer was a trojan.

I initially thought that I hadn’t done anything to warrant the concern but downloaded and installed a few spyware apps and Spywarefigher found an executable residing in my Program Files that looked like an MS patch that it reported as a trojan as well as a few tracking cookies.  I did the clean up and viola the crashes went away.  While it wasn’t a hard lesson learned, it was a lesson learned that running Virus protection is vital for the integrety of even gaming.

Thought I’d post that even if you think you’re privy to something like this, you may want to think again.  I’m still not sure what I did that allowed this to happen but I went ahead and installed AV even with the hit it takes on resources.

FPS Game Filters

Why can’t we have a perfect game filter?  So many games create filters and leave so much to be desired.

Most of the first person shooters have filters but it seems a mishmash of what we would like to see.

Lack of FPS Excitement

I happen to notice the “This Time Last Year” post mentioning Bioshock and I realized that we’ve not been hit with very little exciting news on the FPS gaming front this fall.  At this point last year we had a few titles already hit (ET: Quake Wars, Medal of Honor: Airborne and, as mentioned, Bioshock) with quite a few on the horizon for late fall (UT3, Crysis, Call of Duty 4, Timeshift, Hellgate: London, F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate, Painkiller: Overdose and an initial Frontlines: Fuel of War demo).  So that was 3 titles already out and 8 demos available by mid October.

So far this year we have Far Cry 2 scheduled for October and Crysis Warhead coming next Tuesday.  Call of Duty: World at War is coming complete with Kiefer Sutherland lending his voice with a November release but I’m not sure where this game really treads new ground.  I guess I’m happy to see another WWII installment but the Pacific theater doesn’t ever seem to be that popular in gaming.  The addition of bushido rules and the reinsertion of vehicles may work out.  Throw in Jack Bauer barking out orders and maybe it’s a more exciting release than I’m expecting.  Battlefield Heroes is suppose to hit as a free

The Upgrade: Intel Q9450 & Asus Maximus Formula, Complete

I was happy that Intel hasn’t changed anything in their architecture for reading the RAID and the ICH7 built RAID was recognized on the new motherboard using ICH9. I also gave it a try of just booting into Windows but the drivers weren’t compatible so I did a “dirty” refresh of XP. I grabbed the ICH9 drivers and did an XP refresh install with the drivers, added the motherboard drivers and brought it up. So far it’s running very well without a complete rebuild. I’ve not oc’d it yet but Crossfire is working great and I ran a few rounds of flawless UT3. I’ve also had it running Folding@Home without issue the past 2 days.

I typically rebuild with new hardware but this one went so smooth (and I really don’t have the time to rebuilt right now and the build is about 2 months old) that I think I’m going to keep it for now. When I do a rebuild, I’ll probably (and I hate saying it) go to Vista 64 to fully utilize the 4gb of RAM among other things.

I do have to say that this was one of my easiest and most flawless upgrades. Typically there’s always some small stupid thing I miss, forget or there’s something hardware related causing issues. I dropped the chip on the board, added the ram, attached the Zalman 9700 (a dream to attach compared to the Tuniq Tower), plugged in connectors and it powered on. I finished up with the cards and was booted in no time.That’s not to say it didn’t come without irritation or scars. The biggest irritation is fitting video cards and cabling inside of cases these days and avoiding fans. Part of it could be my Apevia PSU, a part the Antec Nine Hundred’s layout and a final part how they are making motherboards these days. The motherboard is nice but I hate having the SATA connectors on the side of the board rather than on the surface. This is, for the most part, an enthusiast board but Asus makes some of the pieces more difficult for that same crowd that swaps hardware more often. Having a CMOS reset switch on the back is also nice. At least you can keep the case closed while doing OC testing.

I’ll toss some pictures up of the upgrade, more information and some analysis of performance and overclocking differences between this and the Intel E6600 and Asus P5W Deluxe tonight.

I also added the Intel NIC but not installed the other card in my server or started using the 3Com switch as of yet.  I needed more than a 4 port switch (I don’t need my wireless router/switch with the Uverse RG) and I wanted gigabit so I went with the 3COM 3CGSU08.  I’ll get those up tonight as well.


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