Saturday, Jan 20, 2018

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FPS Game Filters

Why can’t we have a perfect game filter?  So many games create filters and leave so much to be desired.

Most of the first person shooters have filters but it seems a mishmash of what we would like to see.

More ScreenShots Added

I’ve added some Team Fortress 2, more UT3 Demo (And by maps from the demo), Quake Wars and a few more BF2142 since it’s been a while. :) You can always view the gallery here.


Desert Combat Fan? BF2 Fan? BF2142 Fan? Read Up!

Kaos studios, who use to be Trauma Studios and brought us Desert Combat and the game play in Battlefield 2 (before EA/Dice bent them over) is working on Frontlines: Fuel of War. In this video it’s fairly clear where the cool shit came from that was in BF2 over the previous versions such as Commander. Sounds like this game is going to be kick ass and will be out after the first of the year. Would have liked to have seen it sooner but from what it sounded like they are trying to miss the rush on the big games and established series (UT, Quake, MoH, Crysis, HL2 Episode 2/Team Fortress 2).

For all of you who dig it, post it on your blogs and spread the word about this game!! I am looking forward to this as much as anything at this point. :)

I am compiling a list of my fall FPS games (coming soon to the site) and this is near the top… I can never drop UT3 from #1 tho. 😉 Check out the PCGamer podcast here.

Toms Hardware Videos

So while I was waiting for the Black Rain tickets I decided to do some video watching but on a tech site rather than rotting my brain on YouTube or the various other video sites that pop up daily. At least I thought I wasn’t rotting my brain. I started off because of what showed up on my Google home page about Quake Wars vs. Team Fortress 2. These guys “Ben & Rob” don’t do badly hosting and speaking but the information is just lame. They discussed Quake Wars without once bringing up BF2 or BF2142 which are kind of what it is essentially is like. They’ve taken Wolfy ET and combined it with the proven successful BF model. I could be completely wrong but I thought CWET was developed for ID and meant to be sold but they decided to offer it as a free game? They said it was created by modders. There may be content by modders but the beginnings I’m fairly certain was ID.

I watched a few more of their driveling commentaries and then checked out the HIS HD 2900XT review by Rodney Reynolds. Good information overall but he describes the card as if it’s revolutionary in design, discussing how large the heatsink/fan housing is, etc. without mentioning that ATI x19xx’s and nVidia’s 8800’s look similar in build as this and occupy two slots. He also needs to work on o-v-e-r e-m-p-h-a-s-i-z-i-n-g in movements and when he speaks. Good overview tho, didn’t realize a few things. I think I’m happy that I went with the nVidia 8800GTS for now. I can’t imagine Crossfire with the 2900XT considering a single card requires a 6pin and 8pin power connector.

That’s it for now… just boring post of my viewings on Toms Hardware. 😉


Radio Vietnam

Winamp Playlist