Saturday, Jan 20, 2018

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Battlfield Bad Company 2 SP Complete …

I just finished Battlefield Bad Company 2 single player and I have to say the final mission was easy but a lot of fun.  The 2 missions leading up to it were a bitch with save points but in the end I enjoyed the entire game. :)  While MW2 was gritty and dark, BFBC2 was more of a triumphant soldiers return.  It also set up a single player expansion pack that I look forward to. :)  In the end I think MW2 probably bested it with content but it’s one of those Doom vs. Duke type things where Doom was dark and somber and Duke was lighthearted and a bit corny at times with MW2 being Doom and BC2 being Duke.  I recorded the last mission and will throw it up here after I convert it. 8)

Also, another BC2 stats site (BFBCS) that I believe is ran by the same group that does the BF2142 stats on my About page.  Unfortunately the queue is full so I have no idea what the stats look like until the queue of 500/500 goes through. :(

Wanderlust ….. out.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Stats Site

Not sure how many exist but this is the first I’ve found.  Check it out and explore, it has achievements and more stats than the in-game stats.  Check it out Stats-O-Matic (Now StatsVerse)! Also ran into the first clear hack in the game, Hoodlum420 and reported the asshat. :(  4/16:  The change to StatsVerse isn’t too great since stats aren’t updating now…says 2 minutes and never updates.

Battlfield 2 Stats

Since is always (it seems) down, try out this site…. Seems that they don’t get the overload that bf2s gets and I’ve not seen them down. BF2S is the first site I found and seems to get all the hits but I like the layout of BF2Player. :) They don’t have the extra Flash stats that BF2S has but they work. 😉 I’m not putting down the work that Jeff did but the site is down an aweful lot. So check out BF2Player and make your own decision. :)

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