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More on Quake Wars

So I had almost given up on Quake Wars and getting into it until the other night. Thanks to 420, I jumped in a game that I saw him in just to game with a familiar face (it’s been a while…I am Wanderlust, right? heh). Anyway we didn’t talk a lot but the game felt much better… maybe it’s the latest patch that came down on launch? Not sure but the game felt comfortable for the first time since I played the beta. I gave it another run tonight and I’m actually starting to get kills, which until now has been probably a 1-5 (if that) ratio. I don’t know if they’ve added a bit more description to the game while playing but I also seemed to notice “training” prompts while playing. If they had them I may have just ignored them thinking I could pick up any game quickly.

I’m not (completely) stupid but I don’t have 30 or even 20 hours, in most cases, each week to become uber-efficient in one, let alone all of the games I want to play so this was going to be the first to suffer the “back on the shelf”. In general, the game seems to be a lot more technical (or complicated) than most other mission/campaign based FPS games that I’ve played while maintaining the pace of a high action shooter in the vein of Quake or UT. That’s deadly if you don’t have the time to learn the game and hone your skills daily. To say the least either something clicked this week or they improved the game for more casual gamers or both. Regardless I had fun, at times I was lost on what was going on but I was prompted such as returning a core cell (similar to CTF) to a base. I made it to 14m and got waxed but as soon as it was picked up by another and taken the last 14m, we won so I felt somewhat accomplished even tho I got nothing for it (in terms of score).

Anyway if you’re not sure about the game, as some that I’ve talked to has indicated, give it another try. 😉 Prices on the game seemed to have dropped a bit as well from non-Amazon sellers, check’em out…

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

I picked up ETQW yesterday and so far it’s so-so for me.  The game is nice but it’s a lot more skill kill than the Battlefield series so it’s going to take some getting use to.  I would have never thought that out of the game after announcement but I’m not doing so great on KDR (which I typically don’t, it’s usually more strategy that I score with).  I’ve not found that strategy yet but it’s still early for me and I didn’t really play the beta much and maybe one or two games in the demo.

The game does look very good and smooth playing.  WTF is up with ID and not requiring a DVD to play? :)  This was a great surprise and I have no idea other games require them on games that you have to register with.  BF2142 is for registered users only but yet I have to use the game DVD (still) as does BF2 (still requiring the DVD).  Thanks to ID for not requiring you to scratch up your disc by constantly swapping it for other games.  I typically try to find something at GameCopyWorld to avoid this but BF2142 is questionable since I had lock up issues with the modified code and I obviously don’t want banned for using a cracked EXE even tho I bought the game.

I’ll get some more screenshots of ETQW up soon.

Quake Wars to hit on 10/2/2007 [Date Updated]

Looks like Quake Wars will be released on September 3, 2007 October 2, 2007. Below are the pre-order links to Amazon! I’ll look for you on the battlefield maybe.  I’m still deciding if I like the game enough to buy it and I had pre-ordered.
Standard Edition:

Collectors Edition:

Enemy Teritory: Quake Wars Beta, Part 2

I’ve only gotten about 2 1/2 hours in Quake Wars so far but it’s fun.  My KDR is horrible but I’ve never been big on that piece.  I have found that engineer points are easy to come by with the handy pliers.  I wish that they’d release a second map to break up the monotony since the Sewer map is getting old even with my 2 1/2 hours.  It’s no Strike at Karkand (BF2) or Camp Gibraltar (BF2142) so it gets old quick, at least for me.  Honestly I don’t see a lot of issues with the beta and they’ve released one update so far that fixed the game numbers listing but beyond that I’m not sure what else it fixed since I really saw few issues with it but again I’ve not played it 24×7. :)

I think it will be a solid game but I’m still waiting for UT3. 😉

Enemy Teritory: Quake Wars Beta

Started playing the demo tonight and it’s fun but will take some getting use to. The action is more along the lines of Quake or UnrealTournament and less like the Battlefield series. The conquest demo map, sewer, reminds me of the way Return to Castle Wolfenstein played. There are objectives based on your class such and you chose a mission while playing such as blowing things up as an engineer or defense.

FilePlanet, as far as I know, still has keys. So if you can’t wait until August you can subscribe to them for a month, get the key and be on your way to dominating as humans or the Strogg in an epic battle through earth’s sewers! :)

Quake Wars Demo Shots:

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