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Crossfire Blues

So I’ve had some odd back and forth issues with the 3870’s so far.  It looks like quite a few games require me to disable Catalyst A.I. which essentially disables Crossfire since it’s required to run.  I did some confirmation of this point by using 3DMark.  With A.I. enabled, I get around a score around 13,800 and without it it comes out to about 10,600 and for all purposes the same as running a single 3870 card.

As for the problem, it’s constant flickering (or scrolling bars like the old TVs and the microwave) in UT3, BF2142 and I believe Crysis.  CoD4 and Valve games (HL2/TF2) seems to handle having A.I. enabled and CoD4 has a setting to enable multiple cards.  This is with the current 8.2 Catalyst drivers.  So I’m disappointed right now that I dropped the cash on 2 of these bastards if I can’t run the games I play the most with Crossfire enabled even with the most current drivers.  I have looked around quite a bit at the gaming forums at AMD and found much of the same.  At least I didn’t go with dual 3870×2’s I guess.

The 3870 on it’s own competes well with my old eVGA 8800GTS and does give a nice 25% boost in 3DMark with the dual cards but who cares if they can’t be enabled on EVERYTHING.

I’ll keep things updated as I find more information…

Next Upgrade… ? ? ?

It looks like my next upgrade will be going back to ATI/AMD after a short stay with nVidia. I am hoping that the 2950GT will also meet the size of the 8800GT (love the single slot design) so that I can move to a Crossfire configuration on my Asus P5W that supports Crossfire rather than running a damn nVidia card! :) No offense to the 8800GTS I have now, it’s a great card but I bought the mobo based on reviews and not SLI or Crossfire and the card because ATI/AMD was a bit behind but after reading recent reviews of the upcoming 2950GT as well as an admission that it does perform better than the 8800GT from nVidia it’s probably the best jump for me. I’m sure that nVidia is willing to say that because they have something incredible planed for the 9xxx series. I’m more interested in getting to a Crossfire/SLI platform without the cost of another $200-300 mobo. My only other thought is to move to a Quad-Core on the board when I do grab the two 2950’s.

It’s amazing what the 8800GT was showing in terms of results even against the 8800GTS/GTX for the $250 price range. So if they unleash the 2950 with the same results I’ll be back on the bandwagon and it fits well with my rig in Crossfire.

I have an Antec 900 case but when I was looking at a 1900xtx and 1950xtx together it was a tight fit, so the reason for the hopes of a smaller form factor for the 2950. I had looked around earlier for pic’s but didn’t see any. We’ll see… stay tuned …. :)

On a side note…

People, don’t believe everything you read from one source.  I read tonight how Crysis didn’t run on an 8800GTS card as well as how sales were down with a comment about “Serves them right, I’m not upgrading to Vista for DirectX10″… The game runs fine on my 8800GTS @ 1920×1200 resolution.  I had to drop it to medium but rather than thinking “wow this game is for the future to set it to high”, people would rather live in a delusion that “medium” means poor quality.  The game looks fine in the medium setting, it was the same with F.E.A.R. and Doom 3.  It also DOES NOT REQUIRE DirectX 10.  It does require some higher end gear but it runs fine on an 8800GTS and probably on an 1900 series ATI card.   Too many people like to over-sensationalize on the net and you need to learn to read past several comments and take it all in.

Hasta La Vista

Nothing fits better than that phrase.  After using Vista for several months I’ve reverted back to XP and quite happy with the decision.  Vista is everything I like visually and even a lot of the functionality but beyond that it’s flaming pile of dung.  I could have waited for SP1 or tried the release candidate but I’ll save that for my laptop.

The first thing I did while installing was remove UAC and the system ran very well.  I noticed it wasn’t quite as fast as XP but I traded it for the visually appealing look and how it functioned.  The honeymoon was shorter than Britney Spears first, then again maybe a little bit longer than that.  The slowdown continued to get worse, the application timeouts were numerous and WTH was Microsoft thinking with the search function?

The search is one of the worst concocted items with the new OS.  I’d do a search, it’d indicate that it could search faster if indexed (with my understanding of XP, I thought, sure!).  Eventually I started noticing my search process taking up HUGE chunks of memory.  I found where it stored the “indexing” and killed them and it restored some speed.  What’s odd is that the search function seems to have been built for a monkey.  It’s not that the XP built in feature is great (it doesn’t find a lot of items inside of a file) but it’s at least easy to click something like *.bmp, *.gif, *.jpg, etc. and return all the extensions I want.  I’m sure there is some other way to do it in Vista but why remove the simplicity that was in XP?  It was also a lot worse than XP when attempting to search within files (which is hard to do).  Regardless they need to overhaul the search.

The timeout on applications and even explorer are ridiculous.  I’m using an application such as Word 2003 and out of nowhere (and while typing with no apparent issues), it stops responding losing whatever I had done since the last save.  Worst is in graphic programs where you don’t save every minute and lose a crap load of work.  I’ve had issues where I’m browsing a network drive and suddenly Explorer just crashes with no signs of an issue.

Games kicked off slower and frame rates were significantly lower than on XP.  Anyone who says they’re running Vista and getting 100+ frames on an 8800GTS (as I have) running at high resolutions (which they rarely include their resolution) with high effects on games like UT3 are full of it.  It’s simply not happening or they’re leaving out that it’s at 800×600 or with dual cards (which I still suspect is not the case in terms of FPS).

Again, as opposed to a lot of others, I like what the OS is about but they did a piss poor job of implementation and optimization.   We’ll see how the release candidate of SP1 does on my laptop but unlike previous versions of Microsoft OSes, I have a feeling that I’ll not jump until potentially SP2 is released or I see some substantial increases on my laptop.

ForceWare Release 163.75 Out

Found that the ForceWare r163.75 was released on 11/6. You can grab them here:

Windows Vista 32bit
Windows XP 32bit

Release Highlights:

  • WHQL certified driver for GeForce FX, 6, 7, and 8 series GPUs.
  • Added support for the following Motherboard GPUs:
  • GeForce 7150 / NVIDIA nForce 630i
  • GeForce 7100 / NVIDIA nForce 630i
  • GeForce 7100 / NVIDIA nForce 620i
  • GeForce 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 630i
  • GeForce 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 610i
  • Improved compatibility and performance for NVIDIA SLI™ technology on DirectX 9, and OpenGL applications.
  • Game and application compatibility fixes. Please read the release notes for more information on product support, features, driver fixes and known compatibility issues.
  • Users without English US operating systems are recommended to download International Drivers by selecting the appropriate language.


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