Saturday, Jan 20, 2018

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Does Google Think Windows 7 Beta is Malware?

I’m about to rebuild my secondary box (see previous post) and was thinking of finally using my Vista Ultimate x64 disc (that I still really am hesitant to install on my main PC) but with the Windows 7 beta available and how I use the system I thought that I’d just download the beta and install it.  When the time comes, I’ll either go to Vista x64 or pick up Windows 7 x64.

Anyway, I went out to get my key today, did a quick search on Google and got the following results:


Note the interesting “This site may harm your computer.” below the Download the Windows 7 Beta header.  I clicked on the link and it gave me the malware screen warning me about proceeding and I had to copy and paste the URL into the address bar.  I checked before posting but it appears they’ve “fixed” it already but thought it was interesting enough to post.  I didn’t take a lot of time to learn how sites get this designation but I’d assume that it’s possibly some Microsoft haters reporting the site or Google…er um… having fun?

Microsoft SyncToy 2.0 Beta

Microsoft has, what appears to be, a very nice and quick tool to sync data from one PC to another. This is handy for me to sync my web work, imaging, data docs, game screenshots, etc. from my main PC to my server and then to sync back to my laptop. I just started playing with the tool but if you’re interested in something that syncs up your PCs with little work (unlike Symantec’s backup tool that encrypts files and requires 360 installed on all systems…YUCK), this is the tool for you without the overhead of something like TortoiseSVN (which is a great tool) and a bit easier to use.

Check it out at Microsoft.

A screenshot of it in action (a bit cut up but click for a full image):



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