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Metallica Guitar Hero

Coming Soon!  Love the first commercial spot I saw with Old Time Rock’n’Roll where they tie the guys up to the tree. :)  Unfortunately I can’t find the damn thing but… here’s a few others…

So here’s another…

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The Official Trailer(?):

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Metallica Rock Hall 2009

Metallica was announced as one of the finalists for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the 2009 class.  It’s only fitting that the band that has influenced Metal and hard rock the past 26 years be put in their 2nd year of eligibility.  The only thing that pisses me off is lars’ attitude about it and his comment about Dave Mustaine inducting them.  It’s not like Dave told them to piss off and went off on his own, they dumped him.  I’m not saying they didn’t have their reasons but why be a complete piece of shit about it?  I honestly don’t see a reason why Megadeth shouldn’t be inducted at some point as well.  It’s not like Dave didn’t help Metallica get established and get their contract.

Anyway, here’s the Lars comments…

There should be a nice YouTube video here but apparently the person that uploaded it decided to not allow external embedding so….

Metallica, Death Magnetic and Guitar Hero 3

If you haven’t seen, Metallica released the entire CD for Guitar Hero 3 and Guitar Hero World Tour.  I paid $30 (marked down the first week allegedly from $40) for their CD with the GH3 unlock while the standard CD was $10 but what pisses me off is that there is absolutely nothing special about the packaging outside of a piece of paper that has the key on it.  So I bought this “Special Edition” from Best Buy that’s a piece of paper?  What’s worse is that you can download it for about $18, so that would work out to a few dollars less.  If it had some kind of additional value like an extra CD or enhance CD or ANYTHING it would have been more than a freakin’ piece of paper with a redeem code on it.

Anyway, if you see it at Best Buy, AVOID IT.  It’s not worth it, especially if they mark it up to $40.  As for adding the tracks, it’s great to get to play through some of my favorites from the CD and I’m sure that with Guitar Hero World Tour it will be even nicer having the drums and full band going. :)

As for the CD, I love Death Magnetic!  As for the complaints about it hitting the wall, I don’t completely agree.  When ripped to MP3 I notice it but on the CD itself I don’t hear it even in my car which has a fairly high end system in it.  I think it covers a lot of the Metallica discography in terms of influence from previous discs.  I can hear Justice, The Black Album and a little of the Load/Reload mixed with the classic sound.  I’ll go into a more indepth review later (I always say that and never get back but I’ll try this time. 😉 ).  It’s been in my car since Sunday and about all I’ve listened to show what I think of it.  I’ve not listened to a disc like that in a long time.

Rick Rubin Producing Next Metallica Disc


Since this Rick dude is new to all of this, we thought it would be a nice gesture to help break him into the music business by asking him to produce our next record. We’re very happy he said yes! In other words, we are psyched to share with you that Rick Rubin is producing the next Metallica album! FUCK YEAH!

Metallica w/Rick Rubin

From NME:

Metallica are considering 25 songs for the follow up to 2003’s ‘St. Anger’.

The album will be the band’s ninth studio effort and they hope to narrow the list of songs down to a single album of material when they begin recording in January with Red Hot Chili Peppers producer Rick Rubin.

Drummer Lars Ulrich said that the new album’s sound would hark back to 1986’s ‘Master Of Puppets’.

“What I hear sounds very lively, very spunky, got a lot of energy,” he explained. “I think that the shows we played over the summer, we were definitely leaner and kind of in better shape than we’ve been in a long time.”

The band rekindled their interest in that sound after playing the classic album in its entirety at several European shows.

“Having to deliver ‘Master of Puppets’ for three months this summer definitely revitalized some of that stuff in us,” Ulrich told The Rock Radio. “It’s been kind of fun having that in the back of our mind.”

About Rick Rubin (produced Johnny Cash’s comeback recordings) from Wikipedia:

Rubin’s biggest trademark as a producer has been a “stripped-down” sound, that involves eliminating cliché production elements such as string sections, backup vocals, reverb, and instead having naked vocals and bare instrumentation. However, by the 2000’s, Rubin style had been known to include such elements, as noted in the Washington Post: “As the track reaches a crescendo and Diamond’s portentous baritone soars over a swelling string arrangement, Rubin leans back, as though floored by the emotional power of the song.”

Rubin relies heavily on arrangements and elements of sound. On this subject, Dan Charnas, a music journalist who worked as vice president of A&R and marketing at Rubin’s American Recordings label in the 1990s, said “He’s fantastic with sound and arrangements, and he’s tremendous with artists. They love him. He shows them how to make it better, and he gets more honest and exciting performances out of people than anyone.”

He is currently producing the third Linkin Park album which is due in February of 2007. It’s said that Rubin got the band out of the nu metal stigma that followed them through their last two albums.The next album is going to be completely different.

Rick Rubin

Rick Rubin has produced records for Johnny Cash (All of the American Recordings), The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Danzig, Slayer, AC/DC, System of a Down and in addition to his current work with Linkin Park and the upcoming Metallica disc, he will also be working with U2 on their 2007 release.

All I can wonder is … Will Metallica and U2 sound like they did 20 years ago? :) Lars commented on MoP but will U2 have the same sound from The Joshua Tree?

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