Saturday, Jan 20, 2018

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Goliath Online

I finally uploaded a few pictures of my Goliath project that I upgraded last month.   My network naming standard is based on UnrealTournament vehicles.  My main system is Leviathan (the powerhouse, although not accurate with the 2x300GB Velociraptors), the 5+ TB server is Goliath, laptop is Raptor and the iPhone is Manta.   Scorpion was my media PC but I’ve combined that with Goliath and use the Xbox for streaming media but will probably be back up online once I am able to reduce it down to an extremely small case for my Ubuntu box.

Anyway… I put up 4 images of the hardware and what it looks like finished.  It’s a lot of storage but not a lot of power, it actually runs quite efficient on an Antec 300w PSU that I’ve tested output on.  It has ran rock solid since I brought it up and since I’m using as a media server as well as storage, it’s running Windows Vista x64 w/8GB of RAM.   Still not much of a fan of Vista but XP didn’t do what I wanted for this project, so I had to move to it.

Here’s the images… The installed components are slightly blurry (first image) but it’s the gist that matters. 😉  As you can see from the side view it took some, ummm, pliers to get the SuperMicro enclosure in since it had 5 1/4 rails.  This didn’t turn out to be too bad since it kind of hugs the enclosure and secures it better.  I also did some wire management after I verified things were working.  The case is a simple Thermaltake M9 which is realatively cheap.  I had no intentions of doing the enclosure when I bought it or I would have probably went with another Antec 900.  I may eventually upgrade my main rig to a 1200 and move it into service, but honestly this little Thermaltake is great for $50.  I also have a 650w PSU waiting in the wings but if I can keep things running without peaking out the 300w, it’s going to stay for efficiency.  If I decide to throw in my ATI 3870 I’ll add the 650w but for the moment there’s really no need.

As I said, this has ran quite well other than some of the things I took for granted in Windows XP for speed like simple items of searching for a file and doing a sort after searching, folders remaining after moving the contents to another location with the same folder name (after confirming to move and replace), the speed that folder deletion occurs and a few other things that I find annoying as hell with Vista.  At least Raptor is running well with Windows 7 x64 beta other than the damn start menu and lack of classic, but that’s for another day.


Thermaltake M9 Case  |  Antec 300w PSU  |  Asus P5W Deluxe Motherboard  |  Intel E6600 Processor  |  8GB Corsair RAM
3Ware 9650SE-4LPML RAID Controller (4 Port)  |  4 x 1.5TB Seagate Barracudas in RAID5  |  1 x 750GB Seagate Barracuda
ATI 2600XT  |  2xCD/DVD Recorders (no BD yet)  |  SuperMicro Hot-Swappable Mobile Rack 5×3.5 | 5-in-1 Card Reader
Logitech MX5000 Bluetooth Mouse/Keyboard  |  Gateway 2400 24″ LCD  |  Perelian X2040 LCD  |  Antec Veris Remote/IR

Upgrades will be moving to maybe a Q6600 if I find a used one cheap, the 650w PSU and maybe the ATI HD3870 which would make this a decent gaming box as well.

Click an image below for individual images (or click here for the full gallery):


iPhone Friendly

So I dropped a new plug-in today that is to make the site look a bit more like apps on the iPhone/iPod Touch.  Check it out if you have one or have iPhoney installed (on your non-iPhone) and let me know how it loads.  I’ve done no customization to it but would like to give it a few touches to fit the site but maintain the feel of the plug-in theme.

If you’re intested in the WPTouch plug-in/theme, check out the official page for it here.


Radio Vietnam

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