Saturday, Jan 20, 2018

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I finished up Half-Life 2, Episode 2 this past weekend and started on Wolfenstein.  I have to say that I’m impressed by it so far and surprised that it didn’t get much fanfare.  I’m probably 1/3 of the way through and I’ve had a lot of fun with the balance of Nazi and paranormal.  I remember 3D went straight from being a WWII shooter to weird crap and didn’t seem to teeter back and forth, where this has, at least better than it’s predecessor.   I just completed the Church mission and you keep rather busy, especially when you’re suppose to be looking for gold and intel.  I did well on the dig site but not so well with the church on getting the bonuses.  But that’s fine, I’m having fun with this game and while a few things irritate me (like losing gold/intel after dying) it’s been a lot more enjoyable than I thought and I wish I would have played it when it released.  I have a few vids that I’ll probably post at some point as well.  One of them was a quick run through using some of the veil powers and making quick time with the Nazi’s. :)

Until next time….

Half-Life 2: Episode 1

Finally took the time to finish this, actually started over from the beginning and finished it in under 6 hours.  Good game, short for the $20 I originally paid for not adding a MP component but Valve does a good job of updating other games without charging like TF2 so I consider it part of the deal.

The game itself wasn’t too bad, the Strider boss fight was a pain in the ass until I figured out that the best position was staying to the far right of the platform but even then you’re fighting your own stray rockets that seem to come back to bite you if fired while you’re too close to the cover.   Running the citizens was fun as well but Alyx got on my nerves telling me to get the next group over and over when I had combine on my ass leading them to her protected area.  What took the cake is her saying “we did it!” as you’re leaving at the end after she hid behind a barricade with a turret during the rescue and then again while you fought the Strider by your self! 😛  All-in-all it was a fun add-on, will probably start and finish Episode 2 this weekend.

So I took down Crysis (somewhat) and HL2E1 this week and as I said, probably HL2E2 this weekend.  I think I’ll take a look at Doom 3 again after that. :)

A nice break from Bad Company 2, too much time playing lately with nothing really new other than a few map converts from one mode to the other.  I’ve even went back to Conquest recently for something new to do and my most hated map at release, Panama Canal, is now my favorite in that mode after learning it better and playing engineer. :)

A Few Things…

I’ve not posted a lot since I’ve been busy with a few other sites. One of which is myGamerZone, which I’m hoping to be up soon… just need to clean it up a bit and make it a bit more flashy. It’s not intended to be a clan like site but rather a site that combines a blog, review site and gaming. I’m hoping to get the forums and galleries up this weekend and work towards a bit more “flash”.

There’s really nothing exciting going on in the FPS world either so I’ve just been playing UT3, BF2 and BF2142. I really need to get back into the single player games that are sitting unfinished (CoD 4, Crysis and both Half-Life 2 episodes). I’ve also ventured back into UT2004 and UT99 with mixed results… I think my weapons only adventures in UT3 has improved my aim in UT2004 on IG and sniper moded servers… I’ve enjoyed a few very good nights… UT99 is another story, it’s really a shock to the system going into that after playing UT3 graphically and in terms of physics. It’s amazing to look at the 3 and how the graphics have changed over the, almost, 9 years. I’d love to see a UT99 10th Anniversary Edition released using the UT3 engine, it won’t happen but get back some of the feel with the updated graphics would be awesome! :)

Desert Combat Fan? BF2 Fan? BF2142 Fan? Read Up!

Kaos studios, who use to be Trauma Studios and brought us Desert Combat and the game play in Battlefield 2 (before EA/Dice bent them over) is working on Frontlines: Fuel of War. In this video it’s fairly clear where the cool shit came from that was in BF2 over the previous versions such as Commander. Sounds like this game is going to be kick ass and will be out after the first of the year. Would have liked to have seen it sooner but from what it sounded like they are trying to miss the rush on the big games and established series (UT, Quake, MoH, Crysis, HL2 Episode 2/Team Fortress 2).

For all of you who dig it, post it on your blogs and spread the word about this game!! I am looking forward to this as much as anything at this point. :)

I am compiling a list of my fall FPS games (coming soon to the site) and this is near the top… I can never drop UT3 from #1 tho. 😉 Check out the PCGamer podcast here.


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