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Fantasy Football Week 4 Results

Even after a poor week, The Stewie Syndrome moves up to 3-1 defeating the last remaining undefeated team 86-67 but it wasn’t pretty considering most of their players were out either due to injury or a bye week including Brian Westbrook so we got very lucky.

BREWTALITY fell to 2-2 after a 97-74 whipping from the Manning/Addai combo.  I thought the Bears D would be a good keeper and they’ve done OK but unfortunately I found that we’re not tracking blocked kicks… I’ve been in the league for several years and not noticed until this year with the Bears very good ST.

So we move on to week 5 and The Stewie Syndrome is taking on another 3-1 team that looks good.  I’m a bit worried about the Patriots defense tho… I know it’s the Browns but if I didn’t have them I’d have to say that I’m looking for a good game.  I think the Browns may be a big surprise to New England who has rolled too easily the past 4 weeks but we’ll see.  I can’t drop them against the Browns tho. :)

BREWTALITY moves on to the only team without a win so I’m a bit worried since everyone in FF typically gets a win but I don’t have to force myself to use my number one QB McNabb (Eagles bye week) this week and have Garrand starting.  The Bears are also taking on Green Bay so I’m worried about the 2nd team secondary they have against (my modern hero) Farve.

We’ll see… :)

Fantasy Football Week 3 Results

So it could have went better but a lot worse as well. :)

The Stewie Syndrome lost 119-144 and was the highest scoring team outside of my opponent, damn Blitzburg (but gotta love another Steelers fan! ;)) So they hold on to the league scoring lead by 32 points and the power ranking but fall to 2-1 and 2nd place in the division.

BREWTALITY posted it’s second 100 point game in a row and moves up to 2-1 but after the disastrous 59 point first week still sits below middle in the power ranking but the Steelers get no glory either for being one of the best teams in the league so I’m fine with it (at least they spoke of them a bit on NFL network yesterday). It’s the sneak attack that I like…much like my team of last year. Maybe with Griese on the field (which I’ve wanted since last year and I’m not a Bears fan) the Bears D will get more rest. I personally think Griese did fine in Tampa but they looked over him for a younger QB as well who turned out poor after he was gone. So I am cheering for Griese to help BREWTALITY’s Bears D to step it up.

Well that’s it on the FF front this week… On to week 4.

Fantasy Football & The Stewie Syndrome

Going into week 2 The Stewie Syndrome is looking good and I don’t look like the fool everyone thought I was when I took Randy Moss and Terrell Owens. 😉 Unfortunately I didn’t start Randy Moss either week so I missed over 30 points for the season total (for cash on league scoring leader) but I’m still holding on with two solid 100 point weeks from my team and we’re 2-0. There are some other very tough teams in the league as well so we’ll see how things continue but I’m confident at the moment. :) As for replacements for The Stewie Syndrome, I replaced Chris Henry & the Panthers Defense with Brandon Marshall & the Texans defense. Marshall was a nice pickup considering I was last on the waiver pickups and he could have some big games, otherwise he’ll still be a good bye week sub. The Texans have looked great (and btw were my most improved team in pre-season by adding a somewhat mobile QB, at least more mobile than Carr, behind a questionable OL) and their big draft pick is coming through on defense and I think they’ll be a suitable trade by week 10 (when both the Texans and Patriots are on a bye week).

BREWTALITY is a completely different story and close to the real situation in the NFL. We’re 1-1 (and feel lucky after squeaking out a 2 pt win) because of the Bears defense/special teams. McNabb isn’t looking great, Jones-Drew and Lee Evans are busts so far and McGahee isn’t doing much either. I did pick up Derrick Ward after week one but that’s a temporary fix and I pulled Evans for Wes Welker this week to see how he does again… I don’t see Evans doing much against New England’s defense. I also added Antwaan Randle El and replaced McNair with Garcia so I have about 4 new players out of the 15 on the roster.

So we’re off to week 3 to see what happens…

The Stewie Syndrome!

Go Bucks!  Awesome game today against Northwestern… I turned it on and at the beginning of the 2nd quarter and was happy to see a 28-0 1st quarter!!!  Nice to see the Wolverines back on track as well.  Can’t completely hate your biggest rival until the big game. :)

Fantasy Football 2007

So the NFL season is upon us and kicking off later tonight!  I figured I’d introduce my two fantasy teams now.

BREWTALITY: The Stewie Syndrome:
McNabb, Donovan QB PHI Young, Vince TEN QB
McNair, Steve QB BAL Schaub, Matt HOU QB
McGahee, Willis RB BAL Alexander, Shaun SEA RB
Jones-Drew, Maurice RB JAC Henry, Travis DEN RB
Henry, Chris RB TEN Bell, Tatum DET RB
Norwood, Jerious RB ATL Henry, Chris TEN RB
Bruce, Isaac WR STL Owens, Terrell DAL WR
Evans, Lee WR BUF Moss, Randy NEP WR
Curtis, Kevin WR PHI Bruce, Isaac STL WR
Davis, Craig WR SD
Mason, Derrick WR BAL
Winslow, Kellen TE CLE Miller, Heath PIT TE
McMichael, Randy TE STL Crumpler, Alge ATL TE
Rackers, Neil K ARI Rackers, Neil ARI PK
Bears, DST DST CHI Panthers, Carolina CAR Def
Patriots, New England NEP Def

I’d like to combine them in a few spots but I think both are solid depending on my backfield performance.  If I had a pick for either, it’d be The Stewie Syndrome to go-all-the-way based on the mix of players.  It will be an interesting team considering I went with 2 of the 3 biggest mouths at receiver but if TO does what’s done so far this year and performs as he did with Romo last year I’ll be happy (9 of his 13TD’s were with Romo).  I’d also like to see Bell be impressive and get the nod through the season and Moss will probably not be in as much if that’s the case.  I did make the mistake of going with Crumpler and not thinking of the Vick situation for him but we’ll see if Harrington has to unload quickly and that will may go back in his favor but I’m hoping Miller and the Steelers will have a huge year. :)


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