Saturday, Jan 20, 2018

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Six Years Ago….

I find it unbelievable that it’s already been 6 years since Doom 3 was released.  I was going through some old games that I want to finish and noticed the dates, it amazes me that it was that long ago, seems like it’s been a while but not that long!!  I guess age is catching up with me.  Unfortunately I didn’t finish the game, I got probably 1/2 way through and something like Battlefield or something else got in the way. :)  I want to get through it and I also need to finish F.E.A.R. and Crysis.  Crysis is the big objective right now since I want to finish it and WARHEAD before Crysis 2 hits, another game that I started playing and dropped for some reason (2142 maybe?).

Regardless it just blew my mind that it’s been 6 years since Doom 3 was released and 5 years since F.E.A.R. first hit.  Too many games I have that I didn’t finish for one reason or another and I plan to start going back through. :)

Lack of FPS Excitement

I happen to notice the “This Time Last Year” post mentioning Bioshock and I realized that we’ve not been hit with very little exciting news on the FPS gaming front this fall.  At this point last year we had a few titles already hit (ET: Quake Wars, Medal of Honor: Airborne and, as mentioned, Bioshock) with quite a few on the horizon for late fall (UT3, Crysis, Call of Duty 4, Timeshift, Hellgate: London, F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate, Painkiller: Overdose and an initial Frontlines: Fuel of War demo).  So that was 3 titles already out and 8 demos available by mid October.

So far this year we have Far Cry 2 scheduled for October and Crysis Warhead coming next Tuesday.  Call of Duty: World at War is coming complete with Kiefer Sutherland lending his voice with a November release but I’m not sure where this game really treads new ground.  I guess I’m happy to see another WWII installment but the Pacific theater doesn’t ever seem to be that popular in gaming.  The addition of bushido rules and the reinsertion of vehicles may work out.  Throw in Jack Bauer barking out orders and maybe it’s a more exciting release than I’m expecting.  Battlefield Heroes is suppose to hit as a free

The Month of First Person Shooter (FPS) Demos!!

So as I had said in missing Frontlines, it’s been a huge few months in the FPS gaming world and I have blown it on everything! :) Never fear, here’s a list of the demos out there now from just the past month!

UnrealTournament 3 Demo
Crysis Beta
Call of Duty 4 Demo
TimeShift Demo
HellGate: London Demo

F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate Demo
Painkiller: Overdose Demo

and in the previous post… (requiring an a paid account on FilePlanet):

Frontlines: Fuel of War Client BETA

I’m ashamed and embarrassed that I missed the UT3 demo!! 😳


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