Saturday, Jan 20, 2018

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Game List to Finish…WOW

So I decided I need to start finishing games since I’m a bit meh about Battlefield 3.  Hoping the Karkand pack will bring me back around but just doesn’t seem the same so my list:


  • Homefront (Most of the way through)
  • Crysis 2 (A ways to go)
  • Duke Nukem Forever (I got bored with the old-school boss fights, even though I am old-school)
  • Battlefield 3 SP/Co-Op (I may end up doing this on Xbox)


  • GTA IV, I got most of the way through but need to finally finish it.
  • L.A. Noir (most of the way through)
  • Red Dead Redemption (Not sure why I stopped this, loved it, I think Bad Company 2 got in the way)
  • Arkham City
  • Dead Space (Cyber Monday Pickup)
  • Dead Space 2 (another Cyber Monday Pickup)
  • Re-do MW and MW2 now that the series is ending.

Quite a list, we’ll see how it goes. :)

Duke Nukem Forever Reveal Trailer

The trailer is FINALLY here! :)   Top of my list for this year!

YouTube Preview Image

Hail To The King, Baby!!

w00t!  Sometime in 2011 it will finally be a reality!  Apparently it was nearly finished and Gearbox is porting it to the Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as doing some finishing touches.  Is it true? Can it be real? Pinch me!  Not only that but I love reading that a PC game is being ported rather than the other way around!  I only hope that you don’t play a good game only to have it looked rushed towards the end levels.  Either way, I’ll be playing the moment it’s available, I’ve been waiting for 13 FREAKIN’ years! :)

The news is a few weeks old but I finally remembered to post it… 😛  Read more at Duke Nukem Forever‘s official site.

Lack of FPS Excitement

I happen to notice the “This Time Last Year” post mentioning Bioshock and I realized that we’ve not been hit with very little exciting news on the FPS gaming front this fall.  At this point last year we had a few titles already hit (ET: Quake Wars, Medal of Honor: Airborne and, as mentioned, Bioshock) with quite a few on the horizon for late fall (UT3, Crysis, Call of Duty 4, Timeshift, Hellgate: London, F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate, Painkiller: Overdose and an initial Frontlines: Fuel of War demo).  So that was 3 titles already out and 8 demos available by mid October.

So far this year we have Far Cry 2 scheduled for October and Crysis Warhead coming next Tuesday.  Call of Duty: World at War is coming complete with Kiefer Sutherland lending his voice with a November release but I’m not sure where this game really treads new ground.  I guess I’m happy to see another WWII installment but the Pacific theater doesn’t ever seem to be that popular in gaming.  The addition of bushido rules and the reinsertion of vehicles may work out.  Throw in Jack Bauer barking out orders and maybe it’s a more exciting release than I’m expecting.  Battlefield Heroes is suppose to hit as a free


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