Saturday, Jan 20, 2018

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Lack of FPS Excitement, Follow-Up

On September 9, I commented on the lack of FPS excitement and so far it’s starting to appear to be carrying over even after several of the titles have been released. Crysis Warhead has had general good reviews for gameplay and horrible condemnation on having SECUROM.

Far Cry 2, while having SECUROM DRM as well, has been additionally under fire for game play.  Seems some things need to be worked out in the wideopen sandbox environment created in the African forests.  Complaints have included repetitive missions, excessive rebel re-spawns and damage to the rebels as the only means to increase the difficulty of the game,  and lack of gamer immersion.  Graphics are truely a sight to behold but if a game isn’t compelling, most gamers will simply shelve the game and move on to the next.

Today we’ll see Call of Duty: World at War hit shelves (or coming off shelves as we speak).  The hype following this game is the opportunity to do 4 player co-op through missions.  After playing the multi-player beta, the co-op is will save the game.  In all honesty, multi-player moves just like Call of Duty 4 and feels almost like a clone with new graphics.  I truly miss the days of Call of Duty and CoD 2 where it felt less like a game of Quake and more like what most combat shooters felt like.  So if co-op doesn’t turn out to be all that it could be I’ll be quite disappointed.  For MP I would rather just stay with CoD 4 and it’s player spamming.  Maybe some of the additional maps will have some redeeming value but who knows.  I’ll post back later after I

DRM & EA Games

I’ve not posted about DRM but after reading some items the past few days I decided to make a few comments.  I was looking at an article at Ars and what I’d like to hear someone ask these executives is how is this incredible protection allowing someone to break it and upload copies of  Mass Effect, Spore and now Crysis: Warhead to filesharing/torrent searches and sites with “patches” around DRM.  Why is this never a question to these executives?  I want to know if their intention is to prevent Bob and Cathy Gamer from being able to use the same copy because it certainly can’t be them attempting to stop massive torrent/filesharing piracy.


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