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Game List to Finish…WOW

So I decided I need to start finishing games since I’m a bit meh about Battlefield 3.  Hoping the Karkand pack will bring me back around but just doesn’t seem the same so my list:


  • Homefront (Most of the way through)
  • Crysis 2 (A ways to go)
  • Duke Nukem Forever (I got bored with the old-school boss fights, even though I am old-school)
  • Battlefield 3 SP/Co-Op (I may end up doing this on Xbox)


  • GTA IV, I got most of the way through but need to finally finish it.
  • L.A. Noir (most of the way through)
  • Red Dead Redemption (Not sure why I stopped this, loved it, I think Bad Company 2 got in the way)
  • Arkham City
  • Dead Space (Cyber Monday Pickup)
  • Dead Space 2 (another Cyber Monday Pickup)
  • Re-do MW and MW2 now that the series is ending.

Quite a list, we’ll see how it goes. :)

Half-Life 2: Episode 1

Finally took the time to finish this, actually started over from the beginning and finished it in under 6 hours.  Good game, short for the $20 I originally paid for not adding a MP component but Valve does a good job of updating other games without charging like TF2 so I consider it part of the deal.

The game itself wasn’t too bad, the Strider boss fight was a pain in the ass until I figured out that the best position was staying to the far right of the platform but even then you’re fighting your own stray rockets that seem to come back to bite you if fired while you’re too close to the cover.   Running the citizens was fun as well but Alyx got on my nerves telling me to get the next group over and over when I had combine on my ass leading them to her protected area.  What took the cake is her saying “we did it!” as you’re leaving at the end after she hid behind a barricade with a turret during the rescue and then again while you fought the Strider by your self! 😛  All-in-all it was a fun add-on, will probably start and finish Episode 2 this weekend.

So I took down Crysis (somewhat) and HL2E1 this week and as I said, probably HL2E2 this weekend.  I think I’ll take a look at Doom 3 again after that. :)

A nice break from Bad Company 2, too much time playing lately with nothing really new other than a few map converts from one mode to the other.  I’ve even went back to Conquest recently for something new to do and my most hated map at release, Panama Canal, is now my favorite in that mode after learning it better and playing engineer. :)

Punkbuster Again…

How many times is this here?  So I hoped into a Battlefield Bad Company 2 server on Team Rush (my favorite…Panama Canal), revive someone almost immediately, set the charge, kill someone and boom… An error on PunkBuster B not getting a handshake.  Neat stuff.  So I do an update…. I have 7 games installed that use PB…. Do they use dial up for updates at PB?  These are relatively small files and it shows 10 minutes for the update!!! While updating, it hits Battlefield 2 and errors out that it can’t copy a file from the temp directory to Battlefield 2: error 3: the system cannot find the path specified, followed by error #0121: ERROR: Could not copy xxx to xxx during HTM conversion.  I don’t use UAC so it’s not that.  Good stuff, PunkBuster… You’re a quality company.

When I went out to download the latest version (I thought it took care of itself), it prompts me for a security verification code… Huh? To download a file?  Are there people fraudulently downloading PunkBuster?  The nerve of people!!  Or is it that they suck so bad that people were downloading it over and over as a manor of a DoS attack?  Who knows.  Of course the update for a full install of, what 5, 10 mb(?) is now 34 minutes.

Crysis…So much for finishing…

So I decided to finish Crysis and had many issues along the way.  Understandably I’m running Windows 7, however the game had Vista support.  Since I’ve been running Windows 7 x64, I’ve ran flawlessly in terms of games outside of the initial issues with Battlefield, which always seem to exist on releases from Dice and they were clearly the issue of a game needing TLC from the developers.  However, with Crysis it seems to be bugs, as well.  I ran into turrets that wouldn’t fire properly (they’d stop, only fire once per click or not work at all) and then suddenly start working without issue.

There was one point where I saved the game while trying to take a boat with heli’s on my ass and I died in the boat, however, when I re-spawned they were on top of me and I died immediately every time I spawned…over and over and over again.  I got pissed, left the game to play something else and started the next night and viola, it was like it was the first time through, where the heavy fire was after I got into the boat and I made it after a few tries.  This occurred a few times including the game saving during a fight for some reason (reminded me of Men of Valor issues) and I died every time I spawned and had to go back and start over from the previous save.

I had a few lock ups here and there that reminded me of the old days of gaming where after a few hours of play, a game would crash.  This seemed to remedy itself when I restarted.  Finally tonight, I get to Reckoning, the final level, and the game started locking up again.  There’s a cut scene with the Admiral that requires you to knock down the door and head for the flight deck for the showdown.  First time through the flight deck door wouldn’t open so I restarted the last save and pressed space bar to get past the cut scene.  I kept locking up when I went out, so I restarted, rebooted and finally reloaded the previous save, which put me through the freakin’ cut scene again that I let play through since I thought that skipping it corrupted the last save game.  FINALLY!!  The game saved as I entered the flight deck door (that opened this time) and I was on to the finale, or so I thought.  I hit the flight deck and it crashed again.  I rebooted, turned off AA and got out on the flight deck, kicked some ass and boom…blue screen, which is where I draw the line.  I finished the game by watching it on YouTube after reading a lot of people having issues on Reckoning but most of the posts were from 2008 and even 2009.  I didn’t go far enough to see if anyone tried the game this year.

I can only hope that Warhead won’t be the same crap.

Six Years Ago….

I find it unbelievable that it’s already been 6 years since Doom 3 was released.  I was going through some old games that I want to finish and noticed the dates, it amazes me that it was that long ago, seems like it’s been a while but not that long!!  I guess age is catching up with me.  Unfortunately I didn’t finish the game, I got probably 1/2 way through and something like Battlefield or something else got in the way. :)  I want to get through it and I also need to finish F.E.A.R. and Crysis.  Crysis is the big objective right now since I want to finish it and WARHEAD before Crysis 2 hits, another game that I started playing and dropped for some reason (2142 maybe?).

Regardless it just blew my mind that it’s been 6 years since Doom 3 was released and 5 years since F.E.A.R. first hit.  Too many games I have that I didn’t finish for one reason or another and I plan to start going back through. :)


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