Saturday, Jan 20, 2018

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A Happy Gaming PC

Is an updated gaming PC?  We’ll see.  The ATI Catalyst 10.7 hit on July 26 and working fine.  I also noticed that Creative released new drivers for the X-Fi Platinum as well as new Alchemy drivers on June 16.  We’ll see how those go after installing them.  Creative isn’t always as diligent about making things better on updates and I really don’t think a company as large as Creative could have a freakin’ slower server to download updates from, I think I maxed around 140KB/sec. on the downloads and rarely did they stay that high.  I really need to get my PCI-E X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro reinstalled, I shelved it after the issues with UT3 and how long ago was that? :)  Then again I’ve been playing it recently but with all the updates, I’d hope the crash issues are gone, even if it’s just running on Windows 7 x64.

’til next time….

Terrible at posting the past 2 months…

Not sure really what I’ve been up to other than not posting here! 😀   Actually I’ve been busy with my house, the yard and real world stuff.  I’ve been playing UT3 and BF2142 still off and on for my usual 10 or less hours.  I picked up Battlefield Bad Company for the 360 and it’s a fun game that I wish they would have released for the PC and still not sure why they didn’t.  The game has a great story line to it but I’ve really not played it much.

The other thing that I’ve been playing almost religiously is Mob Wars on Facebook.  Never thought I had a need for Facebook but found this game from co-workers and I’m hooked.  Also think Facebook is a great site and that’s something I never thought I’d say after my time on mySpace.  It has a lot of activities if you have friends and is a great time killer to screw around on with the application interface.  Who would have thought text based games would make such a resounding comeback at this point?  It’s kind of funny to see how many men and women of varying ages are into Mob Wars and it’s simple interface.

Still working on the Arena Rock Radio station which I hope will be up next weekend, I’m about 75% through the songs that will be on it (about 600 total tracks).  Once it’s up I’ll start working on Radio Vietnam again and try to start targeting merchandise for both sites under my Wanderlust Networks heading.  myGamerZone is on hold for a bit while I finish those tasks and work on a dog rescue site, a bakery and I have to work on getting Sam the Decider going for Paul on WordPress (sorry for the delay Paul! :-( ).

ATI released new drivers this past week as well, so we’re up to 8.7.  I’m going to see if they help with instabilities I’ve had in UT3 tonight.

I’ve also been using Firefox 3.0 and wondering where my damn spell-check is half the time! 😕

Until next time….

ATI Catalyst 8.4 Released [4/16/2008]

Missed this update… ATI released the Catalyst 8.4 drivers on 4/16.  Check out the release notes here.


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