Saturday, Jan 20, 2018

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Firefox 3.5.x SUCKS!

So I’ve tried Chrome where I found that I consistently got DNS errors when loading pages. I refresh and it loads fine and I don’t mind the browser but it’s not Firefox.  This week I’ve been giving Safari a try, again it’s OK but not Firefox and I’ve noticed a few issues with it like accepting gifts in Facebook.  It doesn’t return you to the request page properly and when you browse back, it’s f’d up…shows incorrect tags on buttons, lists the wrong apps for buttons, etc.

Firefox never had these issues, even IE, while having more than FF, doesn’t have these little issue. So I rebuilt this past week with Windows 7, installed Firefox 3.5.1 and viola, Firefox has started having the EXACT same issues. Could it be my AT&T Uverse? Maybe, but not in the past have I noticed these issues but with Chrome. It almost seems that Firefox has made their changes for private browsing and whatever else they changed under the hood and added this annoying bug. I ended up logging into Facebook earlier using IE because it allowed me to rather than telling me there was a DNS error with Firefox for about 5 minutes straight. Oddly enough after I logged in with IE, it worked on Firefox with some delay.  Could it be Windows 7? Maybe but my laptop running FF 3.0.x has yet to show this behavior.

The newest problem seems to be with 3.5.2 and EXTREMELY slow page browsing. I load a video on YouTube and it keeps stammering as it tries to keep up. So I reset my router thinking maybe my connection was to blame (although didn’t seem to show it but could be lost packets somewhere) and the same thing. I tried to load the same page in IE and it works flawlessly. I’m not sure exactly what they’re doing with Firefox but it almost seems like Coke changing the formula while on top of the world. Firefox has slowly, and more recently, quickly started to make huge grounds on Internet Explorer but now at the height they seem to have stopped testing released code? I’m not sure, I’m just reporting what I’m seeing… Maybe others are seeing different results but when Facebook, Youtube and other popular sites are loading slow, it’s not good when the desktop browser is chugging along fine.

Again I’m a huge Firefox user and supporter but not if they’re trying to keep up with a fledgling browser and in the process have started to disregard the user experience. As for the testing, it’s already been published the security flaws in 3.5 so I’m wondering if this is the beginning of them being in the spotlight? What is that, now famous, quote? With great power comes great responsibility.

Firefox Colors With Catalyst Drivers 7.12+

Shortly after upgrading to the dual 3870’s I started noticing that red text was showing up as blue until something on the page refreshed. It was driving me insane trying to do development and seeing the colors show up like this. It didn’t take very long to find the solution on the Firefox site (and apparently some other apps are having the same issue). Then again my first search I didn’t see anything and being the impatient person I am, I un-installed and re-installed Firefox to no avail as well as disabling (renaming) my Application Data\Mozilla and Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla folders. I refined the search to something like red blue Firefox ATI since I was fairly certain it started with the new card.

The unfortunate thing is that it’s not listed as a current issue on the AMD/ATI driver site.

Regardless, here’s what I found…

FireFox 2.0 Lock Up Issues

Well I’ve read a lot about vulnerabilities and lock up issues the past several days.  I rebuilt my PC and dropped 2.0 and restored my Firefox data folder to find constant lockups.  I checked around and found what I expected, issues potentially with Add-ons (extensions & themes).

The first thing I did was check for updates on both items.

After updating the few extensions I use and the NOIA 2.0 (Extreme) theme, I re-attempted and had the same lock up issues.  I finally disabled the 2 or 3 extensions and things were working great.  I enabled Google Toolbar and the issue came back.  I uninstalled the toolbar, went to Google and reinstalled it from the site and found the issue still exists.

I use to run FF 2.0 for no more than 5 minutes of heavy browsing (clicking, tabbing around, searching) and it stopped responding.  Without Google Toolbar enabled I’ve been running for about 20 minutes now and hammering it on posting forms, JS pages and whatever else I can think of and I’ve been fine.

So for those of you that are continuing to have issues and running Google Toolbar, disable it and use the default search box (Google).


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